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B2C Outbound


It won’t be wrong to say that B2C sales are what you need to build strong results out of a campaign. While conducting a telemarketing strategy, businesses cannot be ignored because a customer has to wait for the income to choose; but businesses are inter-linked.

A representative must always keep in mind the genre and nature of the business to mix and match the information; pitching the right services to the business.AS BPO Solutions know the key to generate leads and make sales to a business in accord of your services.


InWe have specialized in outbound B2C telesales campaigns. We have reached out to millions of individual customers across the globe and made sales for our clients and grown together with them. It is definitely not an easy task to convince an individual customer to switch their services over a phone call. Our professional assets make it mandatory to pass each and every piece of information needed by the client to decide wisely. Our strategies are applicable to:

Cold Calling

Our trained professionals connect with the individuals to pitch them the idea to opt for new service or product.


Customers might be interested but busy or may have requested for some information. We are punctual with following-up to those potential customers.

Lead Generation

In-house professionals reach out to individual customers to pitch your awesome services and generate leads while connecting them directly to you.

Direct Sales

InThe basic goal of an outbound telemarketing is to make a sale. AS BPO Solutions have specialized in putting out the whole information to the customers in most polite manner. We have scored millions of direct sales.

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