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  • 2021

    We are back, we are strong. We have another strong partnership with Nordic Energy for their telesales department. America is going to hear them through us.

    It took some time to get out of the unfortunate pandemic situation but we are back on our feet and better than before. This April of 2021 we shook hands with Nordic energy through assistance of a broker for their electricity and natural gas services. The campaign will be running at its best to reach maximum potential customers. Our highly trained and motivated agents are crowding our screens with the sales. It is a hustle on the floor and customers are getting impressed every minute. The client is happy with the progress and we are not going to stop this time. We are doing what we are good at, and communication is at its peak.

  • 2020

    We have shook hands with South Bay Energy Corp. for their telesales. AS BPO Solutions will be marketing their energy services to the respected customers.

    October of 2020 is not just a straight campaign of telesales. SBE has agreed to let us run the campaign of telesales for their energy products and services. The amazing part is that, we will be giving out discounts, deals and coupons for the locals to let them avail the best energy resources and save more for their families. AS BPO Solutions is trying its best to stand hand-in-hand with the world. SBE has decided to excite the customers and divert their attention with something way better than the current situation. We have our pride in communicating these awesome deals to the locals of America and ease them out in these desperate times.

  • 2020

    We are chosen. Switch Energy and RPA Energy have decided to pursue with us for their telemarketing campaign. We were introduced by a third-party.

    April of 2020 was quiet productive for us. Switch and RPA energy both have chosen us with the help of a third-party to market their electricity and natural gas services. It is confusing because both are working with best rates but we are quite excited to run both campaigns side by side. Results are going to be close and impressive in this competition. In these difficult times, these companies chose to provide better for the locals, we couldn’t stand back and joined in the heavenly cause. We are running the calls and sales are running in along with happy faces and reviews by clients. We stand together, we survive together.