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Get in touch for top-notch BPO services. We are leading our competitors with our prestigious clients all across the world. We have the best teams, all set to deliver expert services to the clients on various projects. We have officials for telemarketing, customer service, lead generation, software development, IT services, research and development.

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Our specialties in Telemarketing include outsourcing of Inbound and Outbound Sales, follow-ups with clients, managing up-sales and cross-sales for local and international customers. E-commerce, social media sales, telesales and lead generation are also included in our BPO services.

Customer Service

Outsourcing for customer service needs to be accurate and highly professional. AS BPO excels in programs like billing helpdesk, appointment setting, client service and customersupport. We deliver e-commerce support and lead generation through research and development right up to the mark.

Software Development

In this modern world digital existence is necessary and AS BPO is providing outsourcing services for software development right on point. We offer web development, SEO services and digital marketing accompanied with customized designing and development services. Outsourcing of other tech services to various digital market segments also fall in our business process outsourcing realm.

Modus Operandi

  • Scrutinizing
  • Plan of Action
  • Campaign Previews
  • Execution &


  • Sales &

    Lead Generation

While outsourcing with a call center or BPO, one needs to know if the offshore company understands the requirements and needs of the business and the audience targeted for the digital section of that business. AS BPO commences with studying the account thoroughly with a 360°requirements and needs in the IT, web, software, telesales, social media, digital marketing, customer support, research and development domains of the business.
Telesales is not just it when we are dealing from a contact center. A strategy must be designed before the execution of a campaign. We design a plan of action which is approved or mutually agreed upon by the client. It covers all domains needed in the business for us to be ready and updated to execute the strategy with maximum results. Our outstanding execution services for the above mentioned sectors are a state-of-art for businesses working with us.
Telemarketing campaigns running from an outsourcing call center have to be targeted with the right audience. We run tests for samples and research in order to adjust the direction of the campaign in the right direction. Inbound and Outbound calls are made for a small amount of time in a specific targeted audience. Same goes with software development where tests are performed on digital marketing platforms to fix any possible glitches or user unfriendly commands etc.
Once we initiate the execution of the strategy with telesales and telemarketing either Inbound or Outbound, they are always well supervised and maintained to keep the campaign running in a steady state. Our call center consists of highly professional representatives working with guided protocols. Researching, calling, IT, web development and software development are on the finger-tips of our representatives along with highly trained supervisors for assistance in any domain.
It is safe to say that we have the sound ability to secure sales through telemarketing and generate leads with the help of inbound, outbound, IVR, email and customer support campaigns. Experienced and efficient teams are pursuing various domains to maximize the sales and lead generation. Outsourcing AS BPO call center will enhance your business in terms of communication whenever and wherever needed, quite professionally.
Leading Customer Relations Services Leading Customer Relations Services Leading Customer Relations Services

Leading Customer Relations Services

We have campaigns running for inbound and outbound customer relations, telesales and telemarketing. Outsourcing an offshore BPO or call center has its cons, because the urgency and value of the customer is not known to all representatives especially when they are working on telesales or customer support. AS BPO has a firm grip over this domain, as our highly professional team is always ready to answer, communicate and improvise while communicating with a customer.We understand the importance of the clients for a business and we are your ideal partners to provide the best services to your clients efficiently and professionally. Our highly trained teams and supervisors do not neglect a client whether it is an inbound or outbound sale, a customer support lead generation, up-selling or cross-selling through telesales.

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