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B2C Inbound


Telemarketing or telesales have its perks when you contact individual customers for a B2C campaign. Contrary to B2B sales, a household does not need to make a decision through an ample of approvals or hierarchy. A representative over a call can make the customers feel comfortable and make them consider the services or products of the company. AS BPO Solutions have specialized in B2C sales and lead generation.


An inbound campaign for B2C connections is not that tricky. Every individual customer is interested when he/she contacts you to learn about your services or products. Professional teams at AS BPO Solutions make sure to deliver every piece of information to the customer and extract the maximum results on each campaign. It can include an agent solving a problem virtually right there and then or end up generating a lead or closing a sale. AS BPO Solutions greet your customers right, try us! We greet your customers for:

Generic Information

Customers can contact us to inquire about your products or services and make a better decision. AS BPO Solutions never hold back any information.

Problem Solving

Customers already utilizing your services might face problems and we make sure to stay calm and provide them with the best solution.


Customers getting annoyed by the products or services contact us looking for a solution. A home should feel like home for every individual customer, so we offer them additional products to contrast and relax for longer time.


It is highly possible that a customer might not be comfortable by a product or service. Once they contact us for information, we make sure to provide them with a better option and convince them to opt for an upgraded service.

Lead Generation & Sales

Most practiced pitch for our professionals is when a customer comes in looking for you. We make sure that potential customer turns to potential lead or confirmed sale.

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