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Outbound Campaigns

Here at AS BPO Solutions, as a BPO our main objective is to control the flow of all the outbound calls. Our representative contacts all your customer base with a lead generation program and then it is our work to convince them and cover up a sale, if we convince them how the campaign can ease and help them then we can rest assure that our work is done. We have specialized in B2B and B2C sales. The details of this process are to communicate with the masses to improve the representation of the company through which the campaign is being supervised. Closing sales as well as generating leads.

Inbound Campaigns

In Inbound call campaigns the situation is always tilted as towards a win, for clients as well as companies. Customers initiate the call towards the customer service center and from there the agent receives the call and handles the situation professionally whether it is a closing or a complaint our job as a BPO is to be fully aware of the situation our clients place us in, Your team has proved its worth in many aspects and they are still doing this and every campaign they receive, they master it and handle the situation. So, we want you to place us in a test and see our credibility.

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