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B2B Outbound


It won’t be wrong to say that B2B sales are what you need to build strong results out of a campaign. While conducting a telemarketing strategy, businesses cannot be ignored because a customer has to wait for the income to choose; but businesses are inter-linked.

A representative must always keep in mind the genre and nature of the business to mix and match the information; pitching the right services to the business.AS BPO Solutions know the key to generate leads and make sales to a business in accord of your services.


In-house agents of AS BPO Solutions efficiently contact the businesses initiating a call on their side through automated calling software. An outbound campaign for B2B connections is tricky and interesting. A business has to decide through a board or hierarchy before getting in touch with another business for services or products. Our teams have the tendency to convince the individuals in command for various purposes.

Sales Development

Professionals are provided with detailed lists of businesses to connect with potential leads and close the sales.

Lead Response

We connect with potential leads that have chosen to receive the information related to their queries. This happens mostly with filling a form, an e-mail request or asked for a call back.

Generating leads or sales

We have representatives frequently contacting businesses from a filtered data. They directly pitch in your services or products and convince them to choose better while generating a lead or making a sale.

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