Telemarketing helps you target a better and wide audience

Telemarketing helps you target a better and wide audience

You can never run your company or share your services with people until you have a sound plan and resources for marketing. This has turned into a big business but telemarketing is taking over the market, as it has a wide range of audience to target. People are learning about new companies and better services through telemarketing. We at AS BPO Solutions are helping you ace the market with the help of our elite telemarketing services.

It is not wise to assume that telemarketing is not as powerful as standard marketing campaigns held on-ground. A very clear concept to differentiate between these two is that, on-ground marketing can only be executed with people actually present in front of you. You can either walk to them or they can hop-in for the information of your advertisement or marketing setup. Telemarketing on the other hand, has no limit to the reach of people. As long as you are good with all communication tools and requirements, you can reach out to anyone with a phone within their range.

Networks have spread out to every corner of the world. Every individual has a phone in his possession and where there is a phone; telemarketing will reach it sooner or later. Many of us still believe in looking at something before buying, so people do not explore internet for shopping. Telemarketing plays a vital role to put the word out. It is all about communication when you want people to know about your services and telemarketing lets you have exceptional number of people for your audience.

Telemarketing is divided in two basic domains. We run Outbound campaigns to call selected audience to market our services; and Inbound campaigns for people calling us in order to learn and decide with their options. We try our best to end up with these inbound calls as potential leads or sales. Outbound campaign is classified for sales, up-sales, cross-sales and follow-ups. Inbound campaigns are dedicated for specific services, customers are looking for. We can attempt to make up-sales or cross-sales, but this always done when the client is satisfied with the information they were looking for in the first place.

Inbound Campaigns

Thousands of companies are running inbound campaigns with millions of agents. They are there to provide information about specific products or services. People call them to inquire about precise services offered by the company or to solve a problem with the services they are already using. Once the customer is satisfied with the information he needed, only then agents can attempt to generate a lead or make a sale through up-selling or cross-selling. They can also try to convince them for add-ons needed with the services they are already using. Inbound campaigns have provided customer support for decades now. Customers do not always stick around if companies fail to offer them customer support when needed. Inbound campaigns have proven to be quite beneficial as companies have grown bigger with this specific project. BPO services are the dedicated services for these kinds of campaigns, where elite like us help you to perform in this project better than your standard employees can. 

Outbound Campaigns

A BPO service cannot operate until they are up for offering outbound campaigns. Most companies in need of telemarketing are looking for outbound campaigns to run, so maximum audience can be targeted. Almost every other BPO is running outbound campaigns with millions of representatives with expertise of sales and negotiation. Up-selling can be pursued once the agent has made a sale. It is not necessary for them to contact only their customers to make cross-sales. There are few legal hurdles with American audience e.g. some people have registered to be placed on a Do-not call list. You can actually get in trouble if you make a ring on their phone. Therefore, your audience must be filtered to pursue an effective outbound campaign for maximum results. We have filtered and customized data for every individual client according to the requirements and needs of their business.