Lead Generation Is The Back Bone Of Sales

Lead Generation Is The Back Bone Of Sales

Leads are directly or indirectly related to sales. It differs in context for some companies but is always related to sales. Some companies consider leads to be any sales contact, yet some opt to call them as a contact which is already determined to be a prospective customer. Leads can be generated through various means and strategies. Marketing teams are working in every kind of business realms to produce leads and transform them into potential leads. Advertisement budgets are always set higher in big companies; the basic goal is of course sales but both hassle and money is spent for leads to commence with.

We have to specifically highlight the lead generation in the BPO industry. The basic domain of this industry is to perform offshore duties for another business running abroad. The ultimate goal is to perform sales or generate leads for the business we are working for. The catch where every BPO plays different game on the same job is about the strategy and execution of the team. To mention the team work and strategy executed at AS BPO Solutions, we feel proud to put forward our name for lead generation.

The teams at AS BPO Solutions follow protocols dedicated individually to each campaign. The creative teams always make sure to hit the bull’s eye with their creative strategies in accordance to requirements and needs of every project. The supervisors are always up for assistance to make sure the plans are executed efficiently. AS BPO Solutions has obtained expertise in sales and lead generation through various means and practices. Let us walk you through the sources of lead generation AS BPO implements.

  • Call Center

We at AS BPO Solutions offer telemarketing as our primary service for lead generation. Inbound and Outbound campaigns are run for individual projects for lead generation. For outbound campaigns, automated software dial numbers from a filtered and customized data. Agents remain ready at all times to greet audience in the most polite manner to convince them and generate leads. While conducting inbound campaigns, lead generation is pursued through calls coming in by customers interested in the services of our clients. We greet them nice, help them with their queries and try our best to convince them and mark our milestones of lead generation.

  • SEO

AS BPO Solutions houses the best techies available. Our SEO experts are quite experienced with what they do. We help the digital existence of your business to make a mark while we compete with several others. Lead generation conducted through SEO is quite solid. Audience visiting the internet is obviously interested in the product or service; and we make sure to let them see your name first.

  • Landing Page & Web

When a customer is interested in your services, they visit your webpage to have a peek. You must place something interesting for them to stay and transform the curiosity in to a sale. Our lead generation team at AS BPO Solutions, make sure to have their attention as they keep playing with SEO and content; written or visual. 

  • Social Media

This is the most interesting domain for lead generation. It takes multiple steps and means for social media lead generation. Your customer might be just watching your posted content or maybe having fun in the comments section. The only interested customer you get to know is the one who falls in to your messages. Experts at AS BPO Solutions are handling multiple social media accounts and generating leads. Our content is captive; we attend the comments and reply to the messages. We are game when it comes to lead generation through social media.


Lead generation through PPC (Pay per click) and CPA (Cost per action) is a bit difficult. The audience knows that they are going to pay right then and there through their clicks. Our lead generation skills in these segments are doing well with our current clients. These kinds of campaigns are conducted after proper research and unique strategies.

  • Google Ad Words

While we pursue lead generation with Google Ad Words, it is a delicate reach towards the audience. We have to ask the customers directly to respond to an action. This qualifies for direct request to customers e.g. to sign-up for a newsletter or something like that. Our experts are familiar with the art of lead generation through Google Ad Words.